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Please note, the following is quite wordy!

I offer a few different options in an effort to be able to help as many people as possible.  The Small Groups and Classes  allow me to offer my services at a lower price point to allow more people to train.  So, here’s what I can do for you:

1 to 1 Personal Training – You pay me to focus on you and your health and fitness needs.  Once I have established your starting levels of strength, flexibility, stamina etc, discussed your history to look for anything that might affect your ability to train and found out what you want to achieve, I then plan a schedule to take you from where you are at the start to where you want to be.  This is always flexible and will change according to how quickly you progress.  If your focus changes, then so will your program.  If you need guidance around healthy eating or if you need a home workout program to follow in between your training sessions then I have got your back as they are included in the price of your PT sessions and are written individually and again, will change frequently to aid your progress.  I really believe that the important word in “Personal Training” is “Personal”.  I always put my time and effort into my clients and THAT is what you are paying me for.

Small Group Training – The Per Session price is the same as for my 1 to 1 training, but you can share the cost with your partner or friend(s).  A small group is a maximum of 4 people.  Obviously I cannot offer the same individual focus as my 1 to 1 sessions, but I will still work on individual needs as far as is possible in a group training situation.  I do offer my groups Nutrition advice if required, often in the form of a discussion after some sessions.

Classes – I currently run 2 face to face classes each week.  These are typically based around circuit training and involve a full body workout over the course of an hour.  I try to make every class have an element of Cardio, strength and flexibility and they are high energy and fun.  Both classes are full of fantastic people who are very welcoming to new members of all levels of fitness.  I really look forward to running my classes each week.  One is located in Westbury, near Buckingham on Saturdays at 10:00 and the other is in Yardley Gobion on Wednesdays at 20:00.

On Line Classes - During the lock down due to the Corona Virus, I started doing some on-line classes and sessions as I was unable to do anything else!  My on line classes are high energy sessions lasting around 40 minutes.  All you will need is a bit of space and a towel and a bottle of water.  Your body weight will provide the resistance and your heart and lungs will be taxed!  I offer variations of all exercises, so these classes are suitable for most people.  Obviously, I am unable to supervise you, so it is up to you to choose the level of exercise that is right for you and to make sure you are working hard at the right level.

On Line Sessions – During lock down, I was surprised to find out that working remotely with people was actually effective.  This involves having a video call and me instructing you remotely.  I am happy to work with you this way if it suits you.  This is especially useful for people who travel a lot and allows us to keep up a training schedule.  I can advise on some light training equipment for travelling people and/or some compact equipment for home use.  This can work for 1 to 1 trainees and small groups.  

On-Line Programming – Similar, but not quite the same as On Line Sessions.  This involves me building you a progressive training program for you to follow (typically over a 12 week period).  You tell me how many days per week you want to train and I write your program.  After every session, you record your performance in my on-line training journal and each week, we have a call to discuss the week’s training and nutrition and to reset goals for the week ahead.  I will support you by being available for advice as required.

Combinations – You can combine different services if that helps you.  For instance, a weekly 1 to 1 session, a weekly group session with friends and then attending a face to face or online class.  I have clients who combine all sorts of options and I will be as accommodating as I can to come up with a schedule to suit your needs.


At Your Home - I try to be as flexible as possible.  As a Milton Keynes based trainer, I am willing to train anywhere within a 30 minute journey from Stony Stratford.  If you want me to train you at home and I can get there in 30 minutes, then I am more than willing to come to you.

Outside – If you like to work in the great outdoors, then that’s also fine.  As long as your chosen location is within my 30 minute travel time, then I am happy to train outside.

At My Home – Because some people don’t want to train in any of the above locations, I have converted a large room in my house to train people in.  It has a comfy rubber floor, lots of space and lots of equipment.  This particularly suits those of you who like training in privacy and those of you based near Stony Stratford! 
I am happy to train at multiple locations, so if you want some sessions outdoors, some at my house, some at your house, then that is also fine.

I will supply all the equipment needed and there is plenty to choose from.


"What a big pile of scary looking stuff" is often the first reaction!  Training equipment often looks a bit dangerous and daunting, but it’s all just tools to make you fitter and stronger.  My job is to pick the right tools and give you the skills and confidence to use them safely.

Kettlebells – weights ranging from 5KG to 32KG in reasonable increments. 

Barbells and Dumbbells -  Olympic Bar and over 100KG of weights, Landmine and Jammer attachments.

Multi Purpose Machine - Professional, Gym Quality cable machine with twin weight stacks, multi position pulleys, Lat Pull down and Seated Row Stations, with an integral Smith Machine.

Sandbells – Multi-purpose circular sandbags which can be used for a huge range of movements.  
Battle Ropes – I have a standard rope weighing around 10kg and a massive rope weighing around 30kg
Suspension Trainers – TRX at home and a similar system for outdoors.  Use your body weight using the straps to support you. This can make exercises easier or much harder!
Bosu Ball, Swiss Ball, Reebok Deck – All things to lay on, stand on, jump on (as appropriate).
Power Bag –  This is a big bag of sand with many handles and many training uses.
Your Body(!) – I specialize in body weight movements and a lot of the training we typically do involves using your body to train itself.  

Tell Me More


Prices for Personal Training are determined according to the needs of the individual and practicalities such as location.  Please contact me for a no obligation chat about what to expect.

Let's Talk

I find that having an initial phone conversation is the best way to help you make your decision on whether to start training (and I DON'T mean "sell you PT").  You can ask as many questions as you want and hopefully you will decide to train with me.  If you decide not to, that is fine too.  

What's Next?

An initial call is normally followed by a face-to face consultation.  I find out about your goals and we discuss your training history and anything that might impair your training.  If you want to proceed, we go through some standard health related forms, you decide on what you want to commit to, we agree payment and set the date for that big first session.

Start your journey today!


You can also send me a message using the form.  I will get back to you within 24 hours.  It would be useful to know where you want to train, which days and times suit you, what you want to achieve and please ask anything else you need to 

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