I am keen to promote health and fitness in the community. Milton Keynes was recently voted the UKís 10th fattest community and I believe that ethical fitness professional should be doing all they can to improve this situation.

I am therefore available for public speaking to promote healthy eating and exercise to all elements of our community. I have given talks as part of some MK businessesí health and well being programmes.

If you would like me to come and speak at your club, community organisation or place of work, please call me on 07891 799 758.


As a kick off to your Nutrition plan, I can visit your home and analyse the content of your fridge, cupboards, larder etc and let you know which foods are a the best choices for a healthy diet and which foods should be avoided if possible.


I can also show you how to cook healthy meals that taste great and donít take ages to prepare!


"I believe that if we all factor health and fitness into our every day lives, we can all enjoy a greater sense of wellbeing. A small change reaps big benefits"