A Little Bit About What I Can Do For You

Simon Dean - Personal Trainer

Why Should You Hire Me To Train You?

I called my business “Real World Personal Training” as I want to cut through all the flash and nonsense that surrounds today’s fitness industry and get back to delivering a service that works.  You will only ever receive honest advice from me.  I base my training around solid, proven principles.  There are no magic techniques or secret programs.  Hard work, a consistent approach and a certain amount of discipline are what counts.  That said, I also work hard to keep training sessions interesting as well as challenging and I like to make sessions fun.   I believe that the word "Personal" is the important word in my job title.  I will never make you do anything you are scared of, but I will encourage you to push beyond your comfort zone.


What You Can Expect

  • A reliable and friendly service
  • Training and advice based on your individual requirements
  • Empathy - I know it's hard work, I know when to push you and when to back off.
  • No shouting (unless you are far away!)
  • Honesty
  • Improved, strength, endurance, flexibility, mobility and coordination
  • A better understanding of your body and just what it is capable of


  • I can come to your house - I will bring all the equipment you will need.
  • We can train outside - I am happy in the open air at ALL times of the year!
  • You can train at my house.  I have a fully equipped training room with lots of padded floor space and a huge range of training equipment to suit everyone.  

A Bit About Me

PT Experience

I have had a passion for training for most of my life and in 2013 made the decision to change careers and become a PT.  Having worked for 30 years in a corporate environment, this was a big decision, but one I have never regretted.  During my time as a PT I have done all sorts of things: 1 to 1 training with many clients of all ages and with hugely varying goals, group training, worked in a gym, developed my own training facility, ran Boot Camps, coached running and trained employees of corporate clients.


I specialise in working with people who need to be motivated.  I feel that one of my strengths is getting more out of people than they think they can give.  This is not achieved by shouting or pushing people to extremes.  It is achieved through the gradual teaching of new skills, being aware of where my clients' fitness levels are at and working at appropriate levels to improve upon that.  You will work hard, there are no shortcuts, but you will never feel out of control or in danger of injury.

Training Styles

As you may have noticed from the pictures, I like to use Kettlebells.  I also like to use many other training tools and sessions will typically use various pieces of equipment and also body weight movements.  I use interval training and circuit training when appropriate and am also experienced in traditional weight training/body building techniques.

My Own Training

I am 58 now and have done all sorts of training over the years.  I therefore have an appreciation that training needs to be different at different stages in life.  My own training is vastly different now from what it was in my 20's.  It's still hard, but the focus is very different.  I like to run, train with Kettlebells and have a "function first" approach.  I am not primarily focused on looking good, my goal is  to be able to perform to the best of my ability.